Naomi & Peter Strong, Queensland, Australia

Well here we are at the very beautiful Mt Robson b&b. we stopped & did the awesome 1 hour bear river cruise and got to see our first wild bears. Then had dinner at the Moose hotel in Valemount. Lucky with the weather as only a couple of light showers today. Claudia & Curtis were really nice, & it's my. Recommendation that people stay longer there as it’s a lovely spot to just chill out! Here we are in Banff, and are you kidding me that mountain ride was just unbelievable, we even saw a mountain goat, a huge Elk with big antlers and a deer which was standing right next to the road oblivious to the traffic doing over 120 km / hr past it.

The FJR is truly an awesome touring machine and just a pleasure to ride.

You’re right yesterday's ride was really nice winding around the lake. Also saw no less than three deer on the road as well. Now enjoying the hot springs here with a doggy paddle in the cave!  Got to see some wild goats and an elk and a eagle as well.