Seaside Route to Butchart Gardens

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Route Details: 

There is no better way to get to Victoria's famous Butchart Gardens than on two wheels!

This route takes you along Victoria's scenic waterfront past Mount Douglas (consider riding to the summit!) then continues north to Butchart Gardens. You may want to visit the Butterfly Gardens while you're there - it's a hoot! The route back to town returns on West Saanich Rd, passing the Centre of the Universe Observatory - it's winding road is sometimes closed, but if it's open, go for it - the winding road will give you great views from the summit.

Continue south on West Saanich Rd to Quadra Rd and soon you'll find yourself back at Cycle BC. With all the stops, the trip often takes up to 5 hours, but actual driving time is just over an hour round trip.

Route time is based on a casual, sightseeing pace. A faster pace could cut the time in half.

Victoria City
Ideal for: 
Title Distance Time Locationsort descending Equipment
Coastal Loop 700/km 15.5hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles
Harrison Hot Springs Day Trip 250/km 3.5hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles
Whistler Day Trip 284/km 4.8hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles
Washington Winthrop Loop 895/km 11.8hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles
Prince Rupert Loop 2,500/km 46.0hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles
Horseshoe Bay Adventure 60/km 2.0hrs Vancouver City Scooters
Explore Stanley Park 12/km 1.5hrs Vancouver City Scooters
Ultimate Downtown Tour 12/km 1.0hrs Vancouver City Scooters, Bicycles
Manning Park Loop 830/km 12.0hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles
Duffey Lake Loop 578/km 8.5hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles
Millstream - West Saanich Motorcycle Loop 40/km 2.5hrs Victoria City Motorcycles
Seaside Route to Butchart Gardens 59/km 5.0hrs Victoria City Motorcycles, Scooters
Port Renfrew - Cowichan Motorcycle Loop 272/km 6.0hrs Victoria City Motorcycles
Seaside & City Scooter Loop 21/km 1.0hrs Victoria City Scooters, Bicycles
University & Mt. Tolmie Scooter Loop 30/km 1.3hrs Victoria City Scooters
Mount Douglas Scooter Loop 40/km 2.0hrs Victoria City Scooters
Beacon Hill Park & Fisherman's Wharf 9/km 1.0hrs Victoria City Bicycles
Castles and Lakes 42/km 4.0hrs Victoria City Motorcycles, Scooters