Frequent Rider Membership

Our Frequent Rider Membership is built to give riders that might rent several times from us the best pricing on a great selection of bikes. Whether you don't want to put up with the hassle of owning a bike or like to have access to your dream garage, the Frequent Rider Membership get's you rentals between 20-40% off our regular prices with no blackout dates.

Once the included days are used, your membership continues to get you the lowest rental rates all season long.

The Details

  • Choose your level of membership
    • Moto3 - 3 days included at 20% off
    • Moto2 - 5 days included at 30% off
    • MotoGP - 7 days included 40% off
  • Once you've signed on as a member just drop in and take your pick from what's on the shop floor and pay the discounted member rate.
  • Rider can use their own insurance coverage if rental is under $125 in conjunction with Road Star or Road Side Plus insurance.
  • After all your days have been used you can purchase additional days at the same discounted rate. (additional days are purchased at the discount rate of your membership against the full retail rental value, ie: 20% off $130 for a KLR with a Moto 3 membership)
  • Restrictions
    • The days are to be used individually on a non-booking basis.
    • Cannot be combined with any other promotions.
    • Membership is valid for one year from the issue date.


  • 20% to 40% Off 24hr rental rates.
  • 10% off consecutive days used with program up to a three day rental.
  • 10% off ALL regular rates to be used with bookings used outside of the program.

Why Become a Frequent Rider Member?

  • Get the lowest rental rates on the best bikes in town.
  • Ride the latest bikes on the market, be the envy of your friends.
  • Try before you buy. Test-drive the newest bikes and be confident before you put your money down.
  • Great alternative to owning a bike
    • Statistics show that many of us "Fair Weather" riders average less than three weeks riding per year. The advantages of having a wide selection of recent model motorcycles at your fingertips; add-in the freedom of not having to worry about servicing, maintain or storing an expensive motorcycle; calculate the costs associated with ownership; and you'll see that the Frequent Rider Program makes perfect sense.

Membership Levels

Membership Level Cost* Days Included Discount Member Rate Per 24hr Rental
Non Member  $0 0 0% $130 $150 $170 $185 $200
Moto3  $285 3 20% $10 $25 $40 $55 $65
Moto2  $400 5 30% $10 $25 $40 $50 $60
MotoGP  $490 7 40% $10 $20 $30 $40 $50
Rate Tier see table below for corresponding bikes  1 2 3 4 5

*Insurance & taxes not included in the price of the memberships

Costs Explained
A MotoGP Membership costs $490 which includes seven days of riding at 40% off. When you come down and take your pick of bike from the shop floor all you need to do is pay the discounted member rate for the corresponding rate tier on a 24hr rental. Lets say you wanted to get away on a weekend trip and use the bike for two days; you could use one day from your membership and for the second day you would receive 10% off our regular rates, still getting you the best deal in town. 

The breakdown looks like this: $490 splits into seven days works out to a base rate of $70/day, once you pick which bike you would like to take out you pay the discounted member rate at the corresponding rate tier for the bike you selected. For example a BMW F 800 GS at rate tier 3 would be an additional $30, adding the base rate of $70 would total $100 for the day or 40% off the non-member rate of $170. 

Once all of your days are used up you could still get your MotoGP discount by simply paying 40% off the retail rates on your next walk in rental, no need to pre-purchase more days.

What's Available

  Member Rate Per 24hr Rental Motorcycle Type
Rate Tier Moto2 Moto3 MotoGP Adventure Touring Sport Touring Cruiser
1 $10 $10 $10  
2 $25 $25 $20  
3 $40 $40 $30
4 $55 $50 $40  
5 $65 $60 $50