Honda Grom 125

Okay, admit it: When you first look at the sporty and playful Grom you just have to smile. And no matter how long you've been riding, you just want to throw a leg over this bike and twist the throttle. It's an excellent fit for both new and experienced riders. The Grom carries a bit of attitude while promising fun times: the compact frame size, low seat, inverted front fork and hydraulic disc brakes make this the real deal. And once you get rolling it's easy to see this is no mini bike; the 125cc engine delivers lots of torque plus smooth throttle response due to fuel injection, the 4- speedmanual transmission works just like any other full-sized bike, the maneuverability and handling make it a joy to ride, and there's even room for a passenger. There's just no way you can pass up this chance to get out and ride. Because no matter who you are the Grom will keep you smiling, ride after ride.

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Rate Schedule: 
Hourly Rate: 
$25.00 / hr
Same Day: 
1-4 Days: 
$115.00 / day
5-9 Days: 
$105.00 / day
10-13 Days: 
$95.00 / day
14 + Days: 
$90.00 / day
Weekend Rate: 
$230.00 / wknd
Insurance Rate: 
$12.00 / day
Insurance Deductible: 
Hourly RateSame Day1-4 Days5-9 Days10-13 Days14 + DaysWeekend RateInsurance RateInsurance Deductible
$25.00 / hr$100.00 $115.00 / day$105.00 / day$95.00 / day$90.00 / day$230.00 / wknd$12.00 / day$1000.00
Rate Details: 


  • Pick up on or after 9am and return one hour before closing the same day (see locations for hours)
  • Hourly rentals at $32 per hour, minimum two hour rental
  • 300kms included


  • Pick-up between 9:00am and 10:00am and return the following day before 10:00am or pick-up one hour before closing (see locations for hours) and return at the same time the following day
  • 24hr rental
  • 300kms included per day


  • Pick-up Friday evening one hour before closing (see locations for hours), return before 10:00am Monday morning
  • Insurance cost of two days
  • 800kms included

7 Days

  • $809 for the first week
  • 2500kms included

8-13 Days

  • $101 per additional day on top of first weeks rate
  • 300km included per additional day

14 Days

  • $709 for the second week
  • $1518 for two weeks
  • 5000km included

15-20 Days

  • $87 per additional day on top of the two week rate
  • 300km included per additional day

21 Days

  • $609 for the third week
  • $2127 for three weeks
  • 7500km included

22 Days +

  • For rentals longer than 21 days please request a quote for special pricing


  • Daily charge of $20
  • $5 Million dollars third party legal liability
  • $150,000.00 Underinsured motorist protection
  • No-Fault accident benefits
  • Coverage deductible of $2000


  • Additional km will be valued at .20c per km

For a full list of rates on all of our motorcycles please click here (link to motorcycle rates sheet page)

What to Expect: 

The Best Bikes - The Best Service - The Best Ride

At Cycle BC we strive to make your rental experience as enjoyable and easy as possible.

When you arrive at our shop a rental agent will greet you and help you prepare for your trip. The checkout process starts by filling out a rental agreement and securing the deposit, during this step your rental agent will explain all of the details of the contract and answer any questions you might have. This is also a great time to get recommendations on suggested routes and must see sights. Once we have the initial paperwork out of the way, your rental agent will assist you in picking out proper fitting riding gear, outfitting your bike with any additional luggage, supplying you with emergency and rider care kits and making any adjustments to make your ride as comfortable as possible. The final step of the checkout process is one final safety inspection and a complete run through all the controls along with any special notes about your bike. This entire process can be as quick as ten minutes or as long as you would like to take. During your rental you will be provided with emergency contact numbers so a Cycle BC representative will always be a phone call away.

Upon check-in the most important part will be sharing your story! All of our rental agents are passionate riders and would love to hear about your journey. Once you have had a chance to stretch we will perform a thorough inspection on the bike and gear, as long as everything is in good condition you will be free to leave. If a taxi is required we would be happy to call one for you.


A valid driver's license in either English or French with motorcycle endorsement (must be present at the time of pick up). An international driver's permit may be required depending on your country of origin.

More than one year of riding experience on a similar sized bike to which you would like to take out.

Security Deposit
A coverage deductible of $2000.00 for the duration of the rental by means of credit card authorization only.

21 years of age or older.

Please refer to our Rental Policies for a detailed list of our rental requirements.

Tech Specs: 

Air-cooled, 1-cylinder, 4-stroke

4 speed, Chain drive


Fuel Capacity/ Range
1.4 gallons / 5.5 L , 120 miles / 454 km

Seat Height
765 mm (30.1 in.)

225 lbs / 102kg

8.96hp at 6,750rpm

7.95lb ft at 5,330rpm

Heated Grips

What's Included: 

Quality Riding Gear
Helmets and gloves for both the rider and passenger.

Full Luggage
Factory side bags and a Givi top case.

Emergency Roadside Kit
Disc lock, tire pressure gauge, tire re-inflation kit and contact numbers for 24hr emergency support.

Complementary Storage
Secure storage for any luggage you would like to leave behind while on your rental.

Basic maps of Vancouver & British Columbia.

A Full Tank of Gas
All of our bikes come with a full tank of gas so you can hit the road right away without any stops.



Textile riding jacket with armour, removable quilted liner and removable waterproof liner.