Are there any restrictions on where I can go on the scooter?

The scooters are considered limited speed vehicles and reach a maximum speed of about 60km/hr, which means they are not permitted on highways. Also, scooters cannot be driven or parked on sidewalks or pathways, and we do not allow scooters or any of our vehicles to be used off-road.

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Can I drive a rental motorcycle or scooter off road?

Scooters and motorcycles are NOT allowed to travel on non-paved roads, including logging roads. We place these restrictions so we can keep our equipment in the best possible condition. If you are planning a trip to Alaska or another trip that may require off-road travel, please contact Cycle BC before your rental. For more information, please visit our policies page.

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Can I store my luggage at your shop while I’m on rental?

Yes, we offer secure storage for anything you would like to leave behind, free of charge. As well, you can ship luggage to our office in advance of your rental to save money on your flight.  Please contact us if you would like to take advantage of this service.

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Can you deliver the bike to my hotel?

We cannot deliver equipment to your hotel. We require that the renter, and if applicable, the passenger are present at the time of rental to fill out contracts. While you are at the shop we can outfit you with proper fitting riding gear, and make any adjustment to the bike so you can have the best experience possible.

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Do you have late night drop offs?

We do not have late night drop offs. We require that a Cycle BC employee is present to check you in, and to perform a thorough inspection of the equipment.  We also want to ensure that you have had a great trip!

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Do you offer discounts for groups?

Please contact Cycle BC in advance if you are planning a group event, birthday parties or a corporate event, so that we can decide how to best serve you. You can also check out our promotions sections (motorcycle/scooter/bicycle) for other great deals. 

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Do you offer discounts?

Check out our promotions (motorcycle/scooter/bicycle) to see what special deals we are currently offering.  As well, you can sign up for our facebook page for additional special deals.

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How far will a scooter go on one tank of gas?

On average you should be able to travel at least 150km on a 5L tank of gas, however you should always carefully monitor your gas gauge.

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How old do I need to be to rent?

Motorcycles: We require that you are at least 21 years of age to rent. If you are under 21 please contact Cycle BC and under certain circumstances you may be able to rent. 

Scooters & Bicycles: In order to rent you need to be at least 19 years of age. If you are between the ages of 16-18 you can still rent but we require that you have a legal parent or guardian present at the time of rental.

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I am traveling from outside of Canada do I need an international driving permit?

It depends on which country you are from. In Canada, your licence needs to be in either English or French and have a valid motorcycle endorsement with an issue and expiry date (if applicable). We recommend you check with your local licencing offices before you travel to Canada to make sure.

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I have never ridden a bicycle before, can I still rent a scooter?

Due to safety concerns we recommend that you can at least ride a bicycle before attempting to ride a scooter. We do have two seater scooter options that are great to ride on as a passenger!

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I have never ridden a scooter before, can I still rent?

Of course! The helpful and professional staff at Cycle BC Rentals are happy to show you how. From controls to driving we make sure you're comfortable with the scooter before we get you on the road!

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Is there somewhere to store my things on the scooters?

Yes, all of our scooters have locking, under seat storage which is about the size of a fully-filled grocery bag.

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What are your business hours?

Given the nature of our business, our hours do change throughout the year.  Our hours of operation at listed on our locations page.

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What kind of license do I need to rent a scooter?

If you are from BC we require that you have at least a class 7 (N) or class 5 driver's licence to rent. If you are from outside of BC we require that you carry a valid license from your country of origin that allows you to drive a vehicle without supervision. For more information on licensing please go to ICBC 

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What should I bring?

The two most important things you will need to rent are a valid driver's licence and a credit card. Outside of that a camera and a sense of adventure are always recommended!

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What should I wear while on a scooter?

We do not have any requirements on what you need to wear during a rental, although we do have some suggestions. In the summertime we recommend that you wear jeans or shorts, closed toed shoes and have a sweater along just in case. In spring or fall you should dress warm, we recommend that you bring along a warm waterproof jacket and gloves. If you forget anything we always have extra gear at the shop that we are happy to lend you at no extra charge.

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Where should I ride?

Check out our suggested rides page for trip and route ideas. Feel free to ask Cycle BC if you need help planning a route for your trip.

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