Our goal in creating our Rental Policies was to draft a fair and balanced document that could be used as a guideline throughout the rental process. We have done our best to attempt to view all potential situations from both the customer's perspective and our own. We have included italicized notes in sections where we felt simpler, non-legal, terms could help explain our position. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to any of our policies, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss them.

All renters are subject to the following policies

  1. A DOT Helmet must be worn at all times during operation.
  2. Zero alcohol consumption while operating the vehicle (no exceptions).
  3. Renters and passengers must read and sign the rental agreement, and liability release.
  4. Traffic & parking violations are the responsibility of the renter. Undeclared parking tickets not paid by the renter will be charged to the renter, and will include an additional $40.00 processing fee.
  5. If, for any reason, upon the return of the rented motorcycle or scooter Cycle BC is unable to perform an immediate inspection of the vehicle, Cycle BC will hold the coverage deductible for a maximum of 48 hours or until there is an opportunity to conduct an inspection.
  6. Renters and passengers who have signed the rental agreement and liability release are the only persons allowed to operate, or ride, on the rented motorcycle or scooter.
  7. Operation of a rental motorcycle or scooter not designated by Cycle BC on a non-paved road will result in a penalty payable to Cycle BC. The amount shall be of the applicable coverage deductible in addition to any damages sustained. Please refer to our Off-Road Use Section for additional information.

Requirements and Licensing

  1. A valid motorcycle license is required for all motorcycle rentals. Renters with a learners or novice license are subject to certain restrictions (please call for details).
  2. A valid driver's license or novice license is required for all scooter rentals. Renters with a learner's license are not permitted to rent a scooter.
  3. Any driver of a rented motorcycle or scooter must be at least 19 years of age, or have a legal parent or guardian present at the time of rental to sign a liability release on behalf of the minor.
  4. A valid International Driver's Permit is required for licenses that do not meet Canadian standards.
  5. The renter must be qualified and possess the required skills and experience to safely operate the motorcycle or scooter they wish to rent. The renter represents that they possess the necessary qualifications, required skills, and experience to safely operate the rental motorcycle or scooter.
  6. Coverage deductibles ranging from $1500.00-$3000.00 depending on the specific motorcycle are required for all motorcycle rentals through credit card authorization only.
  7. A coverage deductible of $500.00 per scooter is required for all scooter rentals through credit card authorization only.

Reservations & Cancelations
The motorcycle rental industry is unique in comparison to the car rental industry. We carry a wide selection of different makes and models of bikes while stocking relatively low amounts of each. The model of bike the customer is renting is extremely important as each bike looks, rides and performs differently. When reserving bikes we do our absolute best to never switch reservations to different bikes. Our reservation and cancelation policies reflect our efforts to provide the desired bike to the customer who is prepared to reserve during our high demand, short rental season. The balance on our end comes from needing to fulfill long term reservations for renters exploring Western Canada and beyond as well as offering shorter term bookings to renters exploring the surrounding areas. Our reservation and cancelation policies may appear to be strict for shorter term bookings when considering weather and other unexpected events that may occur and interfere with your rental, however the customer reserving a bike for a long term rental period would most likely not be deterred by these things. When you reserve a bike, we are turning away all other customers who would like to book the same bike with overlapping dates. For shorter term rentals we recommend to wait closer to the rental date when you feel comfortable reserving the bike without any hesitations.     

  1. Reservations for rentals of $500.00 or less are non-refundable and are to be pre-paid in full to secure the reservation at the time of booking.
  2. Reservations for rentals which are greater than $500.00 require a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 per bike to secure the reservation at the time of booking. The remainder of the rental, including the cost of insurance, is to be pre-paid 30 days prior to the reservation date.
  3. Reservations booked within 30 days of the rental date are to be pre-paid in full to secure the reservation at the time of booking.
  4. Reservation Notice
    • Reservations of five days or longer can be booked at any time.
    • Reservations of four to three days length can only be booked within 30 days of the rental date.
    • Reservations of two days or less can only be booked within 14 days of the rental date. 
  5. Cancelations prior to 30 days of the date of the reservation will forfeit the full amount of the deposit.
  6. Cancelations within 30 days of the date of the reservation will forfeit the full amount of the rental deposit with the remaining balance to be issued as a credit, the cost of insurance will be refunded. If the reservation was made within 30days of the rental date $500.00 per bike will be substituted as the deposit.
  7. No refunds or credits will be issued for early returns.
  8. Renters who do not provide notice of cancelation prior to the date for their rental will forfeit the full value of the rental, with no credit or refund to be issued.
  9. Cancelations due to the renter's failure to meet the requirements and licensing are the renter's responsibility.  Cancellations are subject to the full value of the rental with no credit or refund to be issued.
  10. Any changes to a confirmed reservation may be subject to a $25.00 administration fee.

Breakdowns and accidents are the unfortunate reality of renting machines. We run a computerized maintenance program to keep track of all of the service intervals on our bikes. We focus on a system of pre-emptive maintenance, meaning that we take into account how far you will be travelling on your ride to ensure that the tires, brakes, oil and other components are all at their best for the full length of your trip. If an accident occurs our first concern is your well-being, everything else is secondary. When it comes to the eventual dealing of damages we have taken a firm stance that this is not an area of the business where we seek to make any profit from, all we look to do is to get the bike back to the same condition it was provided to you in. Generally if panels are scraped we are able to have them repainted, and if anything is bent or broken we replace them with OEM parts from local deals. We do not allow customers to provide replacement parts or to arrange repairs privately. We pride ourselves on our sense of ethics and commitment to provide a positive experience for all renters.

  1. The renter is responsible for checking engine oil levels, tire pressure, and drive chain/belt tension if applicable ("renter maintenance") at the beginning of each rental day and to report any mechanical problems to Cycle BC as soon as possible. Instructions for renter maintenance are provided to the renter at the time of the rental. Repairs required as a result of the failure to perform renter maintenance will be charged to the renter.
  2. The renter will be provided with Cycle BC contact numbers for 24hr support in case of any incident. Should an accident occur the renter should first contact emergency services if need be than contact Cycle BC for assistance or information relating to the incident.
  3. All non-BMW bikes will have road side assistance arranged by Cycle BC.
    • Arrangement of towing and repairs to the nearest service center.
    • Free pickup of a non-operational vehicle within 10km of the rental location.
    • No off-road coverage
  4. All BMW bikes are covered by BMW Roadside Assist which includes:
    • 24 hour roadside assistance.
    • Mechanical assistance.
    • Non-mechanical assistance, e.g. tire change, dead battery, out of fuel and key faults.
    • Vehicle recovery will be provided to deliver your motorcycle to a BMW Motorcycle Dealer, or intended destination if the vehicle cannot be repaired within an acceptable time.
    • Full coverage for Canada and USA.
    • No off-road coverage.
  5. In the event of an accident the renter will be responsible for all costs incurred to repair the motorcycle in an amount up to the applicable coverage deductible. In addition, in the event of an accident the renter will be responsible for all costs incurred in the returning the motorcycle to Cycle BC or the nearest service center. We recommend the renter to arrange a valid roadside assistance subscription that entitles the renter to roadside assistance support in the geographical areas of the renter's choice.

Off-Road Use
Use of bikes off-road inherently carries more risk and degrades the equipment at an accelerated rate. Our first concern is for the safety of the customer and our second concern is that we would like to see the bikes come back in one piece. British Columbia is home to some extremely rough terrain and the majority of it lacks any cell phone reception. We want to ensure that any rider taking one of our bikes into these remote areas has had extensive riding experience in similar conditions, on similar bikes to minimize any potential risk. The bikes we designate for off-road use are only allowed to travel on forest service roads or similar and not single or double track dirt bike style riding. We understand that our adventure touring bikes were designed with off-road use in mind but due to how hard the conditions can be on the bikes we have allocated certain bikes for rentals planning on riding off the beaten path. This is the best way we have found to be able to provide pristine bikes to our customers who enjoy the riding comforts and performance of adventure bikes while staying on paved roads.

  1. Only motorcycles designated by Cycle BC ("designated motorcycles") for use on non-paved at the time of rental are permitted for use on non-paved roads.
  2. The Renter must have at least three years riding experience riding a comparable motorcycle on non- paved roads to be permitted to use the designated motorcycles.
  3. All rentals intending to travel on non-paved roads are subject to a minimum rental of length of seven days.
  4. In the event of an accident or mechanical breakdown the renter will be responsible for all costs incurred in the returning the motorcycle to Cycle BC or the nearest service center.

Flat Tires
We understand that no one plans to get a flat tire, however through the indirect result of you renting the bike the flat tire would have not occurred if you didn't hit the object that caused the puncture. This is why we view the flat tire as the renter's responsibility. We will cover a portion of the new tire since we will benefit from the increased life from the replacement.

  1. All replacement tires must match the vehicle's manufacture's specifications, and must meet the Transportation Safety Board of Canada's standards. If not, the renter assumes full risk of liability and is responsible for the full cost of the replacement tire, as well as cost for the manufacture's specified replacement tire.
  2. If you have a flat tire, Cycle BC will reimburse the renter 50% of the cost of a replacement tire and related mounting and installation charges to a maximum of $25.00.
  3. Supplied tire repair kits are to be used only in emergency situations and are not acceptable for extended riding. Unless the renter has previous experience and training in performing tire repairs with such kits, the repair should not be attempted. If the renter performs a tire repair he or she accepts full responsibility and liability for any injury, loss or damage resulting.