Electric Bicycles

Explore Victoria on the latest in electric bicycle technology

Electric bicycles have come a long way. The pedal assist technology incorporated with light weight lithium ion batteries make these newer model bikes go the distance and look good doing it. We rent Yun Bike C1 electric bicycles that have a stylish, futuristic look and are made from high end components. Have fun and experience a new way to travel.


YunBike C1

The Yunbike C1 has been specifically designed and built for the modern city cyclist. The aluminum frame and lithium ion battery mean that unlike its heavier counterparts, the C1 weighs just 35lbs; perfect for cruising along Dallas rd. or touring around Victoria's many neighborhoods. 

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1st Hour: 
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$18.00 / hr
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$65.00 / day
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$55.00 / day
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$45.00 / day