Giant Hybrid

Victoria has over 100km of bicycle paths for you to explore. Our Giant Escape 3 bicycles are lightweight and comfortable.

Cruise around the Dallas road overlooking the Olympic mountain range or head over to Galloping Goose no-car trail that takes you over 64kms in one direction. Victoria has many beautiful attractions to see and explore that are bicycle friendly.


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Rate Schedule: 
Hourly Rate: 
$8.00 / hr
Same Day: 
Insurance Deductible: 
24 Hrs: 
2 Days: 
$24.00 / day
3 Days: 
$20.00 / day
4 Days: 
$18.00 / day
Hourly RateSame Day24 Hrs2 Days3 Days4 DaysInsurance Deductible
$8.00 / hr$28.00 $30.00 $24.00 / day$20.00 / day$18.00 / day$400.00
Rate Details: 
  • Minimum one hour.
  • Additional hours prorated every 15min until the daily maximum is reached.
Same Day
  • Maximum rate paid for same date rental.
  • Earliest pickup 9am, return 15min prior to closing. 
Multi Day Rental Periods
  • 24hr rental periods starting from the time you pick up.
Long Term
  • $72 for the first four days, $10 per additional day.

Current Operating Hours

What's Included: 

Helmets are the law in the BC so keep safe and be a law abiding citizen while you're doing it! Cleaned after every rental, funk free!

Tire Pump & Patch Kit
Be prepared for any flats you might encounter! A compact and easy to use patch kit will get you back on the road in no time.

Bicycle Lock
Although we recommend trying to not leave the bikes unattended for too long, we provide a sturdy U-lock to protect your steed while you are on a two footed adventure.

Water Bottle Holder
If you work up a sweat, quench that thirst from your trusty water bottle conveniently stored in a lightweight aluminum water bottle holder.

Rear Rack
The majority of our bikes come with rear racks, if you require one for your rental, just ask!

Storage Pouch
Ok so we've given you the lock, pump and patch kit... but where is it all going to go? In your handy storage pouch of course! Attached to the rear rack, it's a great place to store any of that extra stuff from your pockets

Maps & Route Suggestions
A handy fold up map showcasing all of the cycling streets and pathways Vancouver has to offer. You'll never be lost with this map by your side! If you don't already have a route in mind, our friendly staff would be happy to recommend some of their favorite rides in the city.

What to Expect: 

The Best Bikes - The Best Service - The Best Ride

At Cycle BC we strive to make your rental experience as enjoyable and easy as possible.

When you arrive at our shop a rental agent will greet you and help you prepare for your ride. The checkout process starts by filling out a rental agreement and securing the deposit, during this step your rental agent will explain all of the details of the contract and answer any questions you might have. This is also a great time to get recommendations on suggested routes and must see sights. Once we have the initial paperwork out of the way, your rental agent will assist you in picking out a proper fitting helmet, selecting an appropriate frame size, supplying you with a bicycle kit and making any adjustments to the bike make your ride as comfortable as possible. If it has been a while since you have been on a bike your rental agent will give you a complete run through on the gearing system along with any special pointers about your bike. This entire process can be as quick as five minutes or as long as you would like to take.

Upon check in the most important part will be sharing your story! All of our rental agents are avid cyclists and would love to hear about your journey. Once you have had a chance to stretch we will settle up on the bill and you will be free to leave. If a taxi is required we would be happy to call one for you.

Tech Specs: 

Giant Escape 3

ALUXX-Grade Aluminum. Sizes 14.5", 16" 18.5", 20", 22"

Double wall alloy w/CNC side wall 32h rims with Comfort 700 x 35c tires

Shimano Easy-Fire 51 21speed shifter with Shimano Tourney FD-TX51


Photo ID
A piece of government issued photo identification.

19 Years or Older
Renters under the age of 19 must have a photo ID and a legal parent or guardian present at the time of rental to sign a witnessed liability release.

Credit Card
Any valid major credit card, in your name, with at least $350.00 per bike available.

Please read our rental policies for additional information.